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      Special paper series
      Release date:2023/7/24 0:07:00    views:358233 clicks
      Product Description:

      Main Brands and Varieties:

      Thermal sensitive paper, Glassine

      Weight Range:


      Main Production Subsidiaries:

      Shouguang Thermal Sensative Paper Mill

      Characteristics of Products:

      1. ①High density of color development, clear coloration
      ②Made of base paper of all wood pulp, good in appearance and texture
      ③Strong surface intensity, good adaptability to printing and processing
      ④Good wear resistence, non-stick to printing head, stable quality
      ⑤Good proof-moisture and friction of coating, high efficiency in gumming and die cutting processing
      2. ①Made of 100% imported high quality wood pulp, with super high paper strengh
      ②Cobb absorption value less than 0.8, less silicone coating
      ③Environmental protection, recyclable for degradation
      ④Smooth and fine surface, high grade
      ⑤Uniform thickness, adapt to die cutting
      ⑥High temperature and contraction resistence, high transparency

      Range of Application:

      Upscale adhesive backing paper

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